What Our Customers Say About Us


"Best pizza in VA, fantastic service. They really care and take pride in their good. I don’t usually enjoy it when my family wants pizza but this place has the most delicious pizza. So much flavor in their sauce and toppings were fresh. The crust was perfect. Highly recommend this little pizza joint. Get the La Porchetta signature pizza!"

Emily B.

"Highly recommend this corner side pizza restaurant. We had the Pizza which was delicious, wings crispy with good taste, and the steak and cheese were super delicious. Great ambiance, good location, restaurant nice and clean and most importantly great customer service."

Cecilia O.

"This is hands down one of the best local pizza shops I've been to In the area. The spicy garlic sauce for the wings is tasty. It has just enough kick to it. The pizza was not greasy, soggy and just the perfect amount of toppings. The staff is so friendly and provided great customer service."

Nadia D.

"Ordered from this restaurant for the first time today. We got the crazy bread and the bread and the marinara dipping sauce were ridiculously good. Started with the cheese pizza as we always do with a new Italian place and it did not disappoint. Thin NY style crust with perfect proportions of crust, sauce, and cheese."

Michael F.